The Vital 3 Points: A summary of the weekend’s football news in 3 bullet points

Right, here goes:


  • Spectacularly, Chelsea (2nd in the league) lost to Sunderland (bottom of the league) meaning that Chelsea look increasingly less likely to snatch the title out of Liverpool’s grasp. Do say: “What a season it’s been. Chelsea losing to Sunderland! You just never know do you?”
  • This loss led Chelsea’s manager, Jose Mourinho to provide a typically churlish post match interview in which he sarcastically congratulated Mike Riley (Premier League Referee Boss) on being ‘Absolutely Fantastic’ in making the premier league exciting this year. Do say: “Although Sunderland did win an unfair penalty, Chelsea have won a few too! West Brom anyone?” 

Watch the full interview here: 



  • Tottenham Manager Tim Sherwood reacted angrily to questions from the BBC about leaving Brazillian Midfielder, Sandro, out of his squad. Sherwood has previously stated that Sandro was injured. However, prior to the game against Fulham (which Spurs won 3-1), Sandro tweeted the world to announce that the manager was lying; he wasn’t injured. Sherwood, upon hearing this news, explained in no unclear terms that Sandro wasn’t good enough to get into the squad. Sandro later tweeted, ‘LOL!!!’ Do say: “Players need to stay away from Twitter. Joey Barton is proof enough of that fact!”

Watch the Sherwood interview here:







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