World Cup Wall Display – Love Football: Love Reading.

This photo shows a World Cup Wall Display that I knocked up in just 40 minutes at school today:



Eight different English Teachers, upon seeing my finished display, declared it to resemble: a sheep-cow, a pyramid head (don’t know either) or ‘perspectively flawed.’ Charming.

Needless to say I was very pleased to see, upon my return to my classroom at the end of a busy Friday, that two of my colleagues had taken it upon themselves to do me a goal that doesn’t look like a grazing animal. With real netting! Here it is:


My decision to create a World Cup wall display was fully inspired by the amazing World Cup Toolkit released this week by the National Literacy Trust. The link to this wonderful-and free- resource, aimed at encouraging children to read using football, or more specifically, the world cup as a ‘way in’ (sound familiar?), can be found by clicking on the link below. My only regret is that I didn’t think of any of the amazing ideas within it, myself!

Right, so here’s how my World Cup display is going to work:

The Goal Posts: Pupils will be encouraged to give me mini reviews, which they will write onto paper footballs, about a book (doesn’t have to be football related) that they have read. If it’s a good book their ‘review football’ goes in the goal; if it’s a book which inspires neither love nor hate then their ‘review football’ is whacked on the cross bar; finally, if the book is the literary equivalent to Jordan’s love life then that ‘review football’ is flyin’ wide. Well wide. 

World Cup Reading Selfies: In the middle of my display, i’ll be encouraging pupils to read newspaper articles, web articles, comics, books or magazines relating to this year’s World Cup and taking a photo of themselves doing so. They do this, their selfie goes on the wall.

Football Metaphors, Cliches and Similes: On the far right of my board I will be encouraging students (this is where KS4 comes in) to find footballing Metaphors, Cliches or Similes in magazine or newspaper match reports. Students that find the best, get their name and the (offending) metaphor, cliche or simile on the wall. Also, students will also be encouraged to listen out for interesting metaphors or similes during match commentary. Again, the ones I like will go on the wall.

Hope you’re inspired. If you’re not, here’s the link again. Try it



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